“Manifesting the best intention of the highest good and divine wellbeing, that’s the DCL Management Group strategy.” Dionne Lester

Project Management

DCL Management Group starts with the end in mind. With a high degree of collaboration, we guide the process of moving a project from an initial idea to full implementation to ensure a successful outcome.

Objectives are recorded and expectations are communicated as we work through a process of setting priorities, identifying deliverables, understanding resources required, establishing deadlines and designating tasks. The development of a well-executed comprehensive plan, completed within a designated timeframe, is always the goal.

Business Operations

DCL Management Group manages core business functions that impact a company’s ability to operate at an optimum level. Our critical analysis identifies the most effective tools and processes to maximize productivity and ensure profitability ensuring that all business functions are in line with the overall strategic goals. The long-term goal is to build efficient models that are sustainable and allow for expansion and growth.

Brand Development

DCL Management Group employs a strategic process to create a unique brand identity that represents the client’s voice and values. Our brand development process aligns the brand with business objectives, ensuring the brand is relevant to the targeted audience and refreshing or strengthening brand elements as necessary. The process typically includes creating or refining the fundamental branding elements including logo and company collateral.

Financial Management

DCL Management Group provides operational support in developing a budget and assisting with the day-to-day elements including payroll, managing your account payables and receivables, as well as making bank deposits. Seamless and efficient cooperation with the finance team is an essential aspect of financial management that allows for a detailed level of engagement.

Administrative Services

DCL Management Group assists company leaders in the daily management of executive functions. Our decades of professional experience help ease administrative burdens across functional and geographical boundaries and allow teams to successfully operate in a virtual environment. The ability to triage incoming requests and demands expedite response time and delegate follow up actions appropriately. Support services can include calendar management, scheduling travel, meeting and team coordination.

Human Resource Management

DCL Management Group provides support in recruiting, interviewing and hiring new staff and consultants to respond to organizational growth and align with the strategic plan. Consultation and ongoing advisement on compensation packages, new hire orientation, and defining overall processes allow for a smooth team integration which is always the priority.


    Event Planning

    DCL Management Group enables clients to be confident in the outcome of their coordinate event, regardless of the size or scope. Comprehensive event logistics are managed, from selecting venues, managing budgets, contracting services, and monitoring deliverables and event activities. For our base of client, we assist with the coordination of virtual webinars, conferences, and seminars. Cross functional support is available to assist with marketing, project management and overall execution and planning.

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